Website Analytics

Setup Link with AdWords Analysis & Reporting

Google Analytics

Make the most of your website

Using Google Analytics, you'll get insights that will help you find out what you can do to get the results and benefits you're after from your website. It will provide you data such as:

  • Views per page
  • Visitor behaviour
  • Visitor demographic
  • Visitor source - AdWords, social media, website etc.
  • Devices used - Mobile, desktop
  • Time spent per webpage

Analytics Services



Set your website up with Google Analytics and start getting data about the performance of your website.

Link Analytics to AdWords

Make the most of Google Analytics by linking it with your AdWords account. By doing this, you'll be able to analyse the performance of your website along with your Google ads, allowing you to optimise them better.

Reporting and Recommendation

Unsure of how to interpret your Analytics data? Get a comprehensive reporting about your website, as well as recommendations about how you can improve its performance. A minimum of 3 months historical Analytics data is required to generate reliable analysis.