Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Send out direct emails that aren't spammy.

Email marketing. If you're not doing it, you should. It is cost-effective, measurable and can generate great benefits for your business. If done right, you can potentially acquire more customers, generate more sales through repeat purchases, develop customer loyalty, and more.

If you'd like to get started with email marketing, we can help! With our support, you'll be able to send out direct emails that aren't spammy. We'll make sure that your email campaigns are successful through messages that are relevant and engaging. We'll send them to the right audience, at the right time.



 One-off Email Campaign

Whether you're just keen to test it out or need support for a one-off campaign, we can help! This will include planning, send-out and reporting at the end of the campaign.


On-going Support

This is suitable for keeping in touch with those in your database. We can provide support for ongoing email marketing such as newsletter send-outs, regular customer satisfaction updates, weekly offers and so on.