Google AdWords

Setup Optmisation Maintenance

Google AdWords

Increase website traffic. Generate leads and conversions.

Google AdWords is essential to achieving your marketing goals. In this digital age, it is important to be present in Google - the largest online search engine. With  AdWords, you can attract customers by placing adverts in front of those searching for the type of products or services you offer. It allows you to specifically target your market segments, track your performance based on your ROI and your competitors. 

Make the most of Google AdWords now.

Service Packs

Pick one of our AdWords service packs or get customised service tailored to your requirements.

Initial Setup

One-off service

- Adwords account setup
- Budget allocation
- Campaign and Ad group creation
- Keyword planning and activation
- One week AdWords optimisation


One-off optimisation service - least 4 weeks duration recommended
- Campaigns and ad group optimisation
- Keywords optimisation
- Improve budget allocations 
- Update and improvement of landing pages



Ongoing AdWords maintenance

- Keywords optimisation
- Campaign and ad group optimisation
- Landing page updates 
- Monthly reporting (optional)